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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we are looking at as a results to stanton, virginia, they are reporting zero in visibility. had showers yesterday afternoon and evening. those have left. we cleared out some and that alied radiational cooling and the counties in yellow toe this west, not including fairfax and loudoun but everybody else to the west of that you are under a dense fog advisory until 9:00. visibilities are down to zero in stanton. a half mile for winchester and culpeper. three quarters at manassas. martinsburg at a quarter mile. otherwise in decent shape. on the cool side. sterling and reston and manassas at 49 degrees. sunny later on, going around 80. here's angie with the thursday morning traffic. i like what i see across the region. no major tieups to report at this time. look for yourself. we will move to 395 and take you outside and show you the
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drivers out there are moving at speed from 495 past shirlington to the 14th street bridge. the next stop, 495 in virginia. we are okay on the outer loop and the inner loop as drivers make their way from 95 up towards braddock road, continuing on to the american legion. let's move it to maryland. the outer loop is clear but crossing the american legion bridge is where you will run in to fog in to virginia. 270 is fine frederick to the split. and wrap it up with the maps, route 4, rout 5 and 301, no incidents to report on these routes. it is a good morning out on the roads early. back to you. >> thank you. this morning the nation's premier public health agency is heading for a showdown on captiol hill. it is over accusations that it lied about lead levels in the district's drinking water. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live with more on how the investigation in to the centers for disease control could affect your health.
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kristin, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. the cdc is the agency that our nation turns to whenever there is a public health crisis, but now congressional investigators are not only accusing the agency of failing in their duty to protect the public's health but also they are accusing the agency of lying about it. the cdc said the high lead levels in waters weren't causing problems but now they are saying lead was turning up in our bloodstreams and that the cdc knew the data was incomplete and misleading but still put it out any way. the cdc was out last year largely by this researcher from virginia tech. >> my confidence in the organization has been shaken as a result of my experiences because when i looked at what
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they did on this paper, and the appalling disregard they showed for basic scientific principles, removing references to things that are critically important, they should have put this their party -- such as 75% of the people in the study were drinking bottled water. they purposely left that out and as a result they created a dangerous misunderstanding about the health affects of high lead in drinking water. >> reporter: this congressional investigation also confirmed that thousands of children in the district were ending up with lead in their bloodstreams at levels far exceeding recommended limits. if there is any good news here, it is since then engineers have been able to reduce the amounts of lead in our drinking water to acceptable levels, but still, according to congressional investigators, what is done is done and this morning a house committee will hear testimony from both the cdc and those congressional investigators. that starts at 9:00 this
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morning. >> thank you. an alert 9-year-old helped to land a would be kidnapper in jail. police say karl frederick rice tried to lure the boy in to his truck. it happened along cedar post lane and crestwood drive in spotsylvania county, virginia. the boy ran away and called his mother for help. >> mommy, someone tried to take me. he's yelling and close to tears. he's panicked. i panicked. >> he did everything right. he did everything that law enforcement, any parent would ask a child to do. >> reporter: right is a former substitute bus driver for spotsylvania public schools. he's been driving for two weeks until a personnel matter put an end to the job. the school would not provide anymore details. police are urging women in arlington county to be on guard after two sexual assaults in a week. in both cases the women fought off the man who grabbed them from behind who groped and
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fondled them. in is a computer generated composite of the man police believe committed both attacks. in both cases the suspect was wearing a chef style jacket, one black, one white. montgomery county police have arrested a fifth person in the case of brian betts. officers captured 19-year-old joel johnson on tuesday night in the district. he's charged with first-degree murder. brian betts was found shot to death last month in his silver spring, maryland home. lancaster, gray and saunders are already charged with brian betts murder, and lancaster's mother is accused of using brian betts stolen credit cards. a virginia man accused of skinning a guinea pig to make a hat has been convicted on animal cruelty charges. police in front royal arrested 41-year-old charles woodson in march after neighbors saw him wearing the pet shop animal on
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his head. woodson claimed he kill the guinea pig humanely. a judge sentenced him to six months in jail and a year of unsupervised probation. the judge suspended four months of his investigation. woodson is prohibited for owning any pet for at least a year. it is time for another "living $mart" report and jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. can it get any lower. >> i'm trying to smile. trying my best. we are going to try to dig out of the hole today. that is if we have strong economic data out later today. so far we have been seeing red arrows on growing fears europe has no fix for the debt crisis. asian stocks dropped today and wall street dropped again yesterday, as well. the dow stands at 10444 after losing 66 points. the nasdaq was off by 19 and the s&p 500 finished the day down almost six. the s&p is widely considered to be one of the better measures of how the stock market is doing. right now it is nearing a 10%
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drop from the 2010 trading high that it reached last month. that would mark the first time the market has had what is known as a correction since it bounced off of a 12-year low in march of last year. most analysts define a correction of a drop of 10% them government is trying to make food stamps cooler. they plan to encourage grocery stores and other retailers to post signs that read we welcome snap benefits. it is a recent nape change to get away from the loaded phrase food stamps. trying to take away the stigma right now when is so many people need them. >> it is all in a name sometimes. saving you money on movie rentals you get at home. >> okay. thank you. the first couple hosted a dinner last night for the
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mexican president and his wife. president obama said while there are immigration problems which need to be address, he finds the new arizona law discriminatory. that law makes it a state crime to be in the u.s. illegally. the immigration question also came up when first lady michelle obama and the mexican first lady visited a silver spring school. they spoke with students at new hampshire estates elementary school, including one girl who says her mother is here illegally. >> my mom said -- my mom says that i think that she, she says that barack obama is taking everybody away. >> that's something we will have to work on. to make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers, right? that's exactly right. >> yeah watch we have to work on that and fix that. >> the first lady has met with students taking part in a free
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lunch program at the school. a threat of all-out war this morning from one asian nation to another. that story is coming up. plus, the redskins look around to see which teammate might be the one tied to a human growth hormone. you could soon be digging more change out of your pocket to pay for sodas in the district if a new tax plan passes. you are watching 9 news now.
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in the news now, sporadic gun fire has been heard across bangkok this morning after troops confront the remaining pockets of protesters most haves by banded but many looted and left fires. this morning north korean officials are threatening all- out war the country is punished for the sinking of a south korean warship. south korean officials released
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a report saying a torpedo from the north was found at the site where the navy ship sank in march killing 46 sailors. a kansas city man is heading to prison after saying he supported al-qaeda. he had been funneling money to the terrorist organization. he faces up to 65 years in prison without parole. could be health hazards. more on that coming up. plus, the rain we got earlier this week is causing an emergency situation to our west. it is 5:11. here's howard. >> some othis rain caused a fog situation to the west. we will talk about the dense fog advisory and what to expect for the rest of thursday and the weekend when 9 news now and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at west virginia's governor declared a state of emergency after mudslides. flash floods took out several homes and bridges. the damage is so severe that some school buses condition pick up children in rural areas where roads are washed out. we say good morning to howard bernstein. these stories are incredible. an incredible weather year. big
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storms once again during the overnight across oklahoma, tornadoes out there and in kansas they were relatively weak tornadoes in the sense that the damage was not that great. and they weren't the super mile wide ones. talk about what we are expecting. we are in a nice stretch the next few days. breaking out in to sun after the fog. in the 80s for a high. 80s on friday and saturday upper 70s with the threat of shower and storms in the afternoon, especially west of washington. can't rule out some in the metro, as well. the bus stop forecast, watch for patchy dense fog to the west and southwest. otherwise a cool start. upper 40s to 50s at the bus stop. sunny and gorgeous, though. by lunchtime you will be running around in the short sleeves. highs of 80. northwest winds five to ten. and then tonight, mainly clear,
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comfortably cold in the upper 40ed to 50s with a slight southwesterly wind. sunset 8:18 p.m. had showers during the afternoon and evening yesterday. not that many but the skies have cleared and got cooler. the counties in yellow from winchester south of 81 to cumberland, south through the mountains of west virginia in to prince william county and faulkier are all under a dense fog advisory. quarter mile in winchester. martinsburg, last check, fog and visibility half mile. in town, our visibilities running six to ten miles. no real problems there. temperatures have fallen in the upper 40s in manassas. mid-40s in martinsburg and winchester is 50. though east, 52 easton and 55 andrews and also southern maryland. 54 from bill in newland he called in. a relative humidity under partly cloudy skies of 86%. talk about some big storms in oklahoma. there they are this morning.
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southeast oklahoma moving in to arkansas heavy rains in to missouri as well and this storm system will slowly move east. so that by the time we get to the weekend it will be introducing moisture toward us. we have high pressure in the short term. that will be building in. look for good weather today and again on friday. here's the seven-day forecast. 80ish today, a fine afternoon. 84 tomorrow. great way to finish the workweek. showers are possible on saturday afternoon but more likely on sunday. upper 70s and even a few storms on monday and mid-80s on tuesday and wednesday. hello, angie. >> good morning. >> hey, happy thursday, everybody. we are in the clear across maryland, virginia, inside the beltway. let's take it to 270 and show you how things are checking out here. the live doppler is doing fine. thought i'd throw that in. smooth sailing 121 to the split. virginia 66 we are finding drivers moving at speed.
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the construction is cleared between the dulles toll road. 95 northbound starting to slow down between the prince william parkway and 123. a good amount of early morning volume and finally, i present your travel times. in the living well headlines those sugary drinks could cost you more in the district. the city council will consider adding a one cents an ounce tax on sugary beverages. it is a way to fight the obesity epidemic. it would increase the tax on sugary drinks and she wants it to go to improving nutrition in school lunches. a dangerous secret may be lurking on the store beauty
5:19 am
counters. dr. oz explains why certain products may put you at risk and how to protect yourself. >> 100% of the time they were able to find bacteria or fun guy on the counters. there are things you can do. one thing is not to shop on weekends when it is the most crowded but shop on thursday when it is she slowest and scrape off the top layer of the blush to get fresh powder beneath it and apply it to your face. when you contaminate yourself you take the bugs home and get your makeup infected as well and then everything needs to be thrown away. >> reporter: here more on what an undercover investigation revealed about the cleanliness of the underwear you buy at local stores. redskins super bowl hero may be returning to the team. and two rare events happened to the nationals in
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the same game.
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good morning, everyone. the odds of having a triple play or an inside the park home run in a baseball game are slim. having them both in the same game is even slimmer, but having them both happen against you on the same night and still winning that game, that's powerball kind of unlikely.
5:23 am
scoreless in the fourth. angel for the mets. over the head of morgan in center field and he is off to the races. ball rattles around to center. there's the throw and there's there's the inside the park home run and the weirdness continued in the fifth. guzman up with men on first and second. pops to center. he catches it and both nats runners are asleep at the wheel. they force hernandez off of second there and then get morgan off of first and that, sadly is the triple play. look at the nats. they still had it tied in the 7th. zimmerman's knock is part of a three-run frame there and despite that the nats win 5-3. in row chester the filthiness continued for strasburg. boy wonder making his third start in aaa and another shutout. struck out nine. his era after 18 aaa innings
5:24 am
remains zero. the redskins wrapped up the first week of ot a's yesterday but that was not the three- letter acronym on everyone's lips at redskins park. that was hgh. the redskins dealing with the fallout from allegations that an unnamed player was set to be on the receiving end of a treatment from a doctor when he was arrested at the u.s. border last fall. and the guys admit now the controversy has caused suspicion and curiosity even inside of their own locker room. >> the question is who is? they don't know. so i don't know. >> hgh stuff, as players we try not to worry about it because it is all allegedly and reportedly and until we get facts we don't know. >> reporter: talks are underway to bring that man, doug williams back to the redskins as a personnel executive. the mvp of super bowl 22 just left a similar position with the buccaneers last week. that's a quick look at sports.
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have a great thursday, everybody. lawmakers reject a measure designed to lower credit card rates. details coming up. plus, a congressional report accusing health officials of misleading people about the safety of dc's drinking water. and the insurance institute for highway safety issues a warning about testing low-speed vehicles. what are vehicles doing on the roadways right now? >> making money. drive for charity today. all tolls on the dulles greenway go to help our communities today and dcw, there is no traffic on 267 right now. we'll be right back.
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an investigation reveals police leading statements about lead levels in the district's drinking water. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this thursday morning.
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angie goff is here with the traffic and howard bernstein is here with the weather forecast that gets us closer to the weekend. >> we have been able to shake the gloominess from the earlier part of the week. we will have a good deal of sunshine and it will push temperatures well up above where they have been. yesterday in the upper 60s and today the showers from yesterday evening have left us. however, they have left us with a little fog to the west. once that burns up we will be near 80 this afternoon. a dense fog advisory across eastern west virginia jefferson and berkeley counties not in it. fairfax and loudoun not in it. visibility is ten miles. a mile in manassas. three-quarters in culpeper. a quarter mile from cumberland and winchester and zero in stanton. we start with temperatures in the 40s. 46 manassas to 55 at national. we will be near 80 later with a lot of sunshine. here's angie. how's that thursday traffic? i'm liking what i see out there. overall nice and green out there. a couple of slow goes.
5:30 am
take a look across the region. reveals no icons. incident and accident free. take it north of the district. a little slow go. dropping in speed from university and georgia on the outer loop but not so bad. back to the maps. 95 then the bw parkway, cars are at speed and back to the beltway, this time in virginia. looks like a smooth commute from the wilson bridge past 95 to 66 and beyond. andrea, back to you. a new report finds the centers for disease control mislead people about the danger posed by lead levels in the district's drinking water and this morning the premier public health agency faces a showdown on captiol hill. kristin fisher is live on how this could affect your health. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, andrea. congressional investigators are essentially saying that in 2004 the cdc said our water was safe to drink and it wasn't. but not only that,
5:31 am
congressional investigators are also saying that the cdc knew that those lead levels were not safe and they just simply did not tell people about it. it turns out that lead, from our tap water, was turning up in the bloodstreams of district residents. congressional investigators are accusing the agency of failing their duty to protect the public health. they claim in 2004 the cdc knowingly used flawed data and made "scientifically indefensible claims to suggest the water was safe. " house will hear testimony from the cdc and house investigators this morning. one person testifying is the virginia tech researcher who outed the cdc last year. here's what he had to say about why the report was scientifically indefensible. >> 75% of the people in the study were drinking bottled water. they purposely left that out and as a result, they created a dangerous misunderstanding
5:32 am
about the health affects of high lead in drinking water. >> reporter: if there is any good news here, it is since then engineers have been able to reduce the amount of lead in our drinking water to acceptable levels, but the "washington post" is reporting morning that this investigation is also raising some new concerns about some 9,000 residents living in the district with what's called only partial lead pipe replacement. so there's definitely some new and current concerns that will come up in this house hearing this morning again that is at 9:00 a.m. >> thank you. we now have a start date for elena kagan's confirmation hearing. the supreme court nominee has been meeting with senators over the last week. the judiciary committee will open the hearing june 28th. a full senate vote on her confirmation is expected before the august recess. if it is successful, she could be on the high court in time for the fall session. robert wone death trial resumes today. three men are charged with
5:33 am
obstruction of justice in the investigation of his murder. on tuesday, wone's widow kathy testified that joseph price told her he was angry that police hasn't questioned contractors who had keys to the house where wone was killed. price told her he thought he and his two roommates were being prosecuted because they are gay. dc's fire chief takes exception from questions from a city council member. phil mendle son councils the committee that oversees the department. he criticized the chief rubin for going over budget, particularly on overtime pay. he wants a detailed account of spending during the blizzard. a chief rubin fired back. >> it is preposterous that you would take the good names of the members, use the term of an overtime orgy to describe the fact we had a tremendous amount of work to do. no one in the history of the city government has responded like the men and women of our department did did during those events and i take exception to you saying things in such a
5:34 am
negative tone and negative way when the department performed exemplary every member that was there. >> did you hear my question any of the individual firefighters? >> he proposed a drastic overtime reduction for next year's bucket. the chief said it would hamper the department's overtime operations. the state of maryland updated the benefits policy for state employees to include same sex spouses. that means couples with a valid marriage certificate from another state will now be eligible to enroll dependents in benefit programs. they can start to get coverage as early as july 1st. montgomery county residents should get a clearer picture of how far how much they need to balance the books. the plan will be finalized in a week. it is likely to include tax hikes big cuts to transportation and library and layoffs for government employees. and today the county council could make a decision
5:35 am
on a costco store. the county's planning board rejected a measure to fast track zoning approval for the planned warehouse store site at the westfield wheaton shopping center. costco has said it won't build unless it gets permission to include a 16-pump gas station. the council does not have to abide by the planning board's recommendation. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a consumer alert about certain vehicles. >> that's right. we are talking about low-speed vehicles, they are essentially a supersouped up golf cart. it used to be they were driven in small communities but 46 states allow them on public roads but a insurance institute for highway safety says they don't farewell even in low speed crashes. as a result, the institute recommends they aren't crash worthy enough to be on the roads with traditional roads
5:36 am
with cars and trucks. senate has a proposal to lower credit card rates. it would have made banks and other issuers abide by state interest rate caps which they aren't currently forced to do. if you rent a lot of movies on demand from cable dish or satellite provider you know the prices can bust your budget. to save cash, sign up for the e- mail news letters and home mailers. they often mail out coupons for a dollar off each rental up to a full refund in some cases and skip the charge for the hd version, unless half of the fun for you is watching the film on your super duper home theater. follow me on twitter an i'd love to be your friend on facebook. i can't tell my husband not to rent the hd version because he wouldn't have it. >> it was $20 for hd versus $10. it was fine in regular. >> we will survive.
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>> good tip. thank you. the largest air ship in the world has been successfully inflate. the bullet 580 is 235 feet long and 65 feet around. it can fly up to an altitude of 20,000 feet. yesterday's successful test means it should begin to fly within three months. nasa will use the first aircraft to help to measure moisture content in the air. doctors find a possible link between how women get pregnant and autism rates. details coming up. soon americans could get a better look at what is going on under water at the site of the oil rig explosion. we are all good driving westbound on 50 from the eastern shore past annapolis to washington. stay with us. we have more news on 9. that's next.
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in the news now a new study finds an association between
5:40 am
fertility treatments and autism. researchers discovered women who took drugs to induce ovulation or used invitro fertilization to get pregnant were more likely to have a child who developed autism. doctors stress they did not find a definite connection and this needs more study. the shuttle "atlantis" astronauts have been up since 2:00 a.m. mission control played welcome to the working week for wednesday's lead space walker steve bowen. the crew will open the module they attached to the space station yesterday. archaeologists say they discovered a 2700 year old tomb in southern mexico. this is the oldest evidence of the use of pyramids at burial sites it contains two children and two adults wearing a wealth of jewelry. local cyclists take a ride in hopes of making us all safer. the latest round of
5:41 am
tornadoes is spectacular but not deadly. we have our own pretty pictures today. the rain and clouds are gone. fog early this morning. detailing the thursday forecast when 9 news now returns. ñwçwçyyob
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oil has moved to the louisiana coast. >> the public should get a live look at the gushing oil. they have agreed to release the video following demands by congress. >> the american people have the right to know how widespread this pollution is. >> reporter: oil has been pouring in to the water nonstop for a month now.
5:45 am
patches of the thick, black ooze are already seeping in to the marshes of southern louisiana. >> we know there will be waves of oil coming in to our wetlands. it is already here but we know more is coming. >> reporter: scientists are worried where the slick may be heading next. satellite images show a small part entered the powerful loop current and could wind its way around florida and up the east coast. it is unclear how much oil is leaking in in the gulf. a team of experts said that bp is grossly underestimating the total. >> i don't see any possibility any scenario under which their number is accurate. >> reporter: the scientists believe the blown out well is actually spewing more than 2 million-gallons a day, not the official estimate of 200,000- gallons. bp hopes to start the latest effort to plug the leak on sunday. the possible fix involves pumping a mixture called drilling mud in the well and adding cement to permanently
5:46 am
cut off the flow. >> we have to remember this is all being done at a depp of 5,000 feet and it's never been done at these depths before. >> reporter: even if it works, it will still take several weeks to complete. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> reporter: dramatic video but thankfully no kaz kultis to report from the latest round of tornadoes in oklahoma. several tornadoes were spotted around the state last night leading to a couple of nonlife- threatening injuries and scatter building damage but the storms did dump a lot of rain leading to street flooding in tulsa, oklahoma. before we get to that. i will show a beautiful award i received last night. it was a matrix award for professional excellence for the association of women in communications. i shared this evening with pr maven who who was recognized. it was a will havely affair.
5:47 am
thank you to my friend for producing me and thank you to the women this the organization. very nice. thank you. >> not to name drop but very good. >> congratulations to you. well deserved. >> thank you. our good weather is well deserved too. suffering through the clouds and coolness and dampness at the start of the week we will be rewarded later today and tomorrow. get the forecast first here on this thursday morning. with the sunrise a few minutes away a nice one here in town. west we have fog to deal with. this afternoon, sunny and much warmer around 80. warm tomorrow in to the 80s and then saturday not bad but the threat of a few afternoon or evening showers and storms. in the upper 70s. the bus stop forecast, it is chilly out there. i think you need a jacket with temperatures in spots in in the 40s to 50s here and we have patchy dense fog generally west of washington. we will look at those
5:48 am
visibilities in a moment. this afternoon, sunny and gorgeous, around 80. northwest winds five to ten miles an hour and then tonight, mainly clear and comfortably cool in the upper 40s and 50s with a light southwesterly wind. sun is setting here at 8:18 this evening. we have one batch of clouds trying to come in from pennsylvania in to northern maryland with a few sprinkles. they are west of philadelphia. the skies have cleared and a little shower action yesterday afternoon and evening. that allowed the moisture to condense to the surface. we have fog not in fairfax or loudoun county but prince william, faulkier and winchester, as well. berkeley and jefferson county, not in it but the visibles here have been down. martinsburg to four miles. down the road in winchester, quarter mile visibility. quarter mile in cumberland. there's our fog west in to northern virginia. here in the metro visibility is still good with a little bit of haze. temperatures as cool as 45 in martinsburg to 46 in manassas.
5:49 am
leesburg, dc, andrews and pax river are at 55. bill in newland 54 and cambridge also 54. just a couple of clouds. a nice morning out there. 55 reagan national with a slight southwesterly wind at five miles an hour. and the oklahoma tornadoes. look at the radar picture on this. storm over kansas and nebraska. there's the showers and thunderstorms and this morning severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and gusty winds but no tornadoes. around here, high pressure building in from the midwest and the grit lakes. give us a fine couple of days where some of that western moisture. clouds things up over the weekend. in the 70s on saturday and sunday. slight chance of a shower on saturday mainly west and sunday scattered showers and storms and some in to monday, as well. in a few weeks, i want you to join us at channel 9. we will be out at celebrate fairfax on june 11th, 12th and 13th. i plan to be there on the 12th. i think the wife wants to see
5:50 am
kc and the sunshine band. that's why that day. >> love the celebrate fairfax. nice quiet commute across the region. we take you to virginia's 95. we are slow in two spots. the prince william parkway and 123. and the second one is between lorton and the fairfax county parkway. plus five minutes for that. if you are continuing to 395, we are finding drivers moving nicely here. still at speed past duke street to the 14th street bridge. however, we are seeing more volume in maryland on interstate 270 at germantown road. overall no significant delays to report to the spur. finally, let's wrap it up with a look at the travel times. for those traveling the dulles toll road, remember the tolls go to charity today. from 674 to 495, six minutes in the car and ten minutes on 66 from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway and taking nine. on 95 from 216 to 495. andrea, over to you.
5:51 am
tomorrow's bike to work day but a group of local cyclists started to pedal in hopes of raising awareness about bike safety. they took part in the ride of silence last night. cyclists biked from hanes point to the capitol and back. the ride is in honor of cyclists killed in accidents. they hope to send a message to everyone who shares the road. >> take everybody's tempo on the road and bring it down a notch and remember that everybody out there is not a cyclist or runner or driver of a car. but they are a life. >> reporter: cyclist joe delorenzo says he joined the movement after he was involved in a serious crash four years ago. the buildup to the second sex and the city movie. and a new program allows some area high school students to have experience usually
5:52 am
reserved for premed students. prosecutors dodge questions on whether they will seek the death penalty against george huguely in the death of yeardley love. and a grant to study terrorism. and metro orange line riders should expect major delays over memorial day weekend and in to next month. read these story and more in the examiner. it is 5:52. cc 
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oh my goff. megan will not play in performers. she has a lot of growing up to do they say. us magazine reports the hustle and flee star got married in a small ceremony in l.a. in january. >> more legal woes for lindsay lohan . for your viewing pleasure, metro mix wants toho hook you up with a free flick. we have 40 copies of the invictus dvd to give away. it ends on monday so sign up now at ladies are you ready to get carried away? we have could you covered from
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sweet treats to private screenings of the sex and the city. we want you to vote for the favorite on-line. finally get lost for the last time this sunday. fans the show lost can watch the final show together at the arlington cinema draft house or public bar at dupont. all the details you need and more going to our website at washingtonians didn't have to go far to find the best of peru. they head over to the textile museum. washington life magazine hosted the best of peru party. the owner on the left with evelyn of evelyn brooks design would youd the crowd.
5:57 am
dc social butterflies -- traffic alert. traffic is great for the community today. loudoun county board of supervisors scott york and dulles againway ceo kicked off this year's drive for charity at a rally. drive for charity is today, may 20th. the day where all tolls from drivers of this day will go to five charities they hope to collect $235,000 which would bring total to 1 million during the past five years. get out there and drive. the good news out of where you live? log on to oh my and tell me about it. enlist in covering our communities today. it's common to see medical school students shadowing doctors in a hospital but high school students. a new program at inova fairfax county hospital is doing just that andletting students get some hand-on experience. >> like this? >> flip it right through.
5:58 am
>> this doctor is demonstrating on a man can i be how to get a breathing tube in to. >> this boy is a senior at fairfax high school. >> it is impressive. bright future. >> carlos, who was born in chile will be attending harvard next year. he's one of ten fairfax high school students chosen to be part of the new observership program with inova fairfax hospital for children. >> for a week, each student joins a group of doctors making their rounds. carlos takes notes for an essay and presentation he will give to his biology class. he wants to become a doctor. >> always new patients coming in and it is exciting. >> sometimes younger kids may get intimidated by the idea of being a doctor and part of the benefit of the program is they can meet medical school students and doctors, pediatrician and maybe make us all seem more real.
5:59 am
>> reporter: carlos puts on a lead apron so he can watch as a baby is x-rayed swallowing barium fluid. >> it is a great opportunity and i have been enjoying it a lot. >> reporter: the program was supposed to start in november but the because of hines they had a restricted visitors poll say cy and had to way until march to start. >> it is only open to fairfax high school students but may be expanded. >> to get in the program the students have to have good grades, write essays and go through an interview process. we say good morning to all of you watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with our forecast. that includes a fog warning. >> that's right. fog advisory to the west until 9:00 this morning. although steve in cross junction, virginia said there is a strange color in the sky. he thinks it is blue. the sun is coming out. we have broken the clouds


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